Talent, Meet

While talent in Mississippi is evenly distributed, opportunity is not. We seek to change that.

Our Vision

We envision a Mississippi where all people can secure the training and education beyond high school that will allow them to enhance their quality of life, strengthen their communities, and contribute to a vibrant and prosperous future for our state.

What We Mean by "College"

We think of college as any education beyond high school that leads to financial stability. It can be a four-year degree or beyond, but it can also be a two-year community college degree or a certificate in career and technical education.

Who We Are

WHEF works to help more Mississippians obtain the postsecondary degree, certification, or credential that will allow them to improve their quality of life, strengthen their communities, and contribute to a bright and prosperous future for all of Mississippi.

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Why College Access in Mississippi Matters

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of all Mississippi children live in poverty. The lowest-income Americans who obtain a college degree are five times more likely than their peers to escape poverty.

Mississippi Kids Count
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2020 Postsecondary Attainment in Mississippi

  • 54.6%

    Asian / Pacific Islander

  • 39.9%


  • 27.4%

    African Americans

  • 23.9%

    American Indians

  • 21.8%

    Hispanic / Latinos

Lumina Foundation


of jobs in the United States require some postsecondary education

Georgetown University

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