What We Mean by "College"

We think of college as any education beyond high school that leads to financial stability. It can be a four-year degree or beyond, but it can also be a two-year community college degree or a certificate in career and technical education.

Our Mission

To help more Mississippians obtain postsecondary credentials, college certificates, and degrees that lead to meaningful employment.

Our Vision

We envision a Mississippi where all people can secure the training and education beyond high school that will allow them to enhance their quality of life, strengthen their communities and contribute to a vibrant and prosperous future for our state.


WHEF’s flagship program is Get2College, a boots-on-the-ground college planning program that provides free college counseling to any person in Mississippi who requests it. 

Get2College works directly with students and families to remove barriers to college attendance and support a college-going culture—a culture in which Mississippi students expect to go to college and receive the help they need to get there. 

man looking through looking surveyor tool

Three Get2College centers

in Southaven, Jackson, and Ocean Springs offer one-on-one college counseling and planning services for students and families, including career counseling, free ACT prep, and hands-on assistance in completing forms and securing financial aid.

74% of students who visit are low-income, first generation college students or students of color—students who have historically been underrepresented in college or who have completed college at a lower rate.