When the need is great but the resources are limited, partnerships are critical. In 2016, WHEF began making grants to visionary partners committed to closing the gap between talent and opportunity. 

These partners are working on the frontlines of higher education in Mississippi and nationally. They understand the people, the social and economic landscapes, and the needs in the communities they serve. By providing financial support and hands-on assistance as needed, WHEF helps these organizations do what they do best—reach the people they know in the communities to which they are committed.

What We Fund

We support nonprofit organizations working in Mississippi around three core issues related to postsecondary training and education that leads to economic mobility: access and entry, persistence and completion, and connection to family-sustaining work.


We fund projects and programs that strengthen the pipeline between high school and postsecondary education by improving college advising, information on college options, and financial aid assistance.


We fund efforts to increase completion rates including course completion, credit accumulation, supporting working students, transferring between institutions, and attainment of credentials with labor market relevance


We fund initiatives that strengthen postsecondary alignment with workforce needs, build relationships with business and industry to align curricula to meet job demands, connect students with work skills, and provide learn-and-earn opportunities.