How to Apply

We value the time nonprofits spend on applications and want to ensure that the process is meaningful for all parties. As such, our grant application process is by invitation only. If your organization is interested in providing information regarding work that aligns with our funding priorities, you may contact us here. We will respond to emails within three business days.

If your organization is invited to submit a grant application, the initial grant proposal steps include:

  1. We will send a link to our online grant application system.
  2. Your organization will answer a series of eligibility questions.
  3. Your organization will register and/or log into the application management system.
  4. Your organization will submit a grant application.


We operate on a rolling cycle. Grants are typically awarded quarterly. If your organization has a funding need for a particular fiscal cycle, please provide that information in the  application.

Within 60 days of submission, our staff will contact your organization regarding your application status and potential next steps.


Our staff will assess funding opportunities based on several criteria:


There is no minimum or maximum amount for grants awarded, but all funding requests will require sound rationale based on organizational capacity, total funding needed, additional funding secured, and sustainability.

Typically an organization will only be funded once within a single year. We advise nonprofits to consider their most pressing need that best aligns with the WHEF funding strategies. If the organization’s work aligns with our focus, general operating support may be considered. We can provide guidelines on the best approach to take at the appropriate time.

We will consider providing general operating support if the organization’s mission and work aligns with our funding strategies: postsecondary access and completion and workforce relevance. We do not typically provide support for annual campaigns or fundraising events. Multi-year funding will be considered, if appropriate for the request.

If your funding request is declined, the primary reasons will be provided. Depending on the volume of requests, in-depth feedback may not be possible.


If funding is awarded, we will ask organizations to provide scheduled impact and evaluation reports based on the goals and metrics submitted in the application. Organizations will be given an opportunity to provide a qualitative (narrative) update in addition to a quantitative (metrics) update.

Typically, a representative from WHEF will conduct a site visit during the grant proposal evaluation. Additional site visits during the funding period may be scheduled in partnership with the nonprofit if there are program updates or milestones that warrant an onsite meeting. During the site visit, the WHEF officer generally meets with the executive director/president, the program leadership, and the beneficiaries of the program.