Our Priorities


Access to Education

Get2College (G2C), our signature program, provides high-quality college access services that are not replicated by any other organization in the state.

Due to the vast need for such services across the state, we are committed to scaling G2C services for students and families outside of the programs core geographies in Jackson, Ocean Springs, and Southaven. Through deepening and broadening G2C’s impact, we will focus intentionally on closing gaps in college access between those near G2C centers and those who are currently least likely to benefit from G2C services.

We are working actively to integrate the program's access work with emerging college completion work, creating linkages between G2C and our efforts to help students persist through college.

Access to Employment

The opportunity to obtain family-sustaining work at the end of one’s postsecondary experiences can be a powerful motivating factor for college completion. We work to bridge connections between employers and postsecondary institutions to align activities to support clearer pathways to economically rewarding employment.

Access and Entry to Postsecondary Programs


Strengthening the First-Year Experience at Two- and Four-year Institutions

We are working to enhance the first-year experience of students at two- and four-year postsecondary institutions by investing in researched-based solutions and supporting promising practices in partnership with entities in the public and private sectors to ensure students successfully persist to graduation.

Completion and Persistence

Connection to Meaningful Employment

Changing and Adapting Systems

Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it produces. We believe that in order for Mississippi to become a place where all its residents can gain postsecondary credentials that lead to economically meaningful employment, Mississippi’s institutions, communities, and leaders will need to work in new ways to produce different outcomes.

To ensure large-scale, sustainable change, we support approaches to systems and policies that align and improve institutions and systems designed to ensure more Mississippians can access and complete postsecondary credentials or degrees.