Glossary of Terms

501(c)(3) – An IRS code denoting that a non-profit, charitable organization is tax-exempt.

Form 990 – Tax return form for an organization that is deemed to be tax-exempt by the IRS, which includes financial details of all grants awarded within the current fiscal year.

Letter of Inquiry (LOI) – An initial request from a qualified nonprofit organization, including the project’s goals, anticipated results, and financial requirements. WHEF will provide LOI opportunities by invitation.

Postsecondary Education – Opportunities after high school graduation resulting in a degree, certification, or credential that will lead to gainful employment.

Underrepresented Populations – Those with a disproportionately low number of individuals who have achieved success in postsecondary education and meaningful employment.

Workforce Relevance – Ensuring that potential employees receive credentials and skill sets that are aligned with the current needs of employers who can provide sustaining-wage jobs.