What We're Reading Right Now: The Economics of Racial Equity

"The Business Case for Racial Equity: Mississippi"

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Ani Turner, Beth Beaudin-Seiler

September 2018

What would Mississippi’s economy look like if the racial equity gap did not exist? According to research from Ani Turner and Beth Beaudin-Seiler, the state would expect to see a $54 billion gain in economic output by 2050. The benefits would be immense - ranging from increased consumer spending and tax revenue to decreases in social services spending and medical care

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Brookings Papers on Economic Activity

Shelby R. Buckman, Laura Y. Choi, Mary C. Daly, and Lily M. Seitelman

September 8, 2021

In the paper “The economic gains from equity,” four scholars set out to answer the question: “How much larger would the U.S. economic pie be if opportunities and outcomes were more equally distributed by race and ethnicity?” Shelby R. Buckman, Laura Y. Choi, Mary C. Dlay, and Lily M. Seitleman's research suggests that the economic potential would have been $22.9 trillion from 1990 to 2019, just thirty years. They explain, “The opportunity to participate in the economy and to succeed based on ability and effort is at the foundation of our nation and our economy. Unfortunately, structural barriers have persistently disrupted this narrative for many Americans, leaving the talents of millions of people underutilized or on the sidelines. The result is lower prosperity, not just for those affected, but for everyone.”

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