Elevate: WHEF's 2019 - 2020 Impact Report

The collective vision of Jack Woodward and Herman Hines to provide more Mississippians with access to an education beyond high school has never been more relevant or more important.

The theme of our 2019-2020 Impact Report—Elevate—is at the center of our work. Through grantmaking, we seek to amplify the work of other organizations who are seeking to create impact around the issues we care about. Through college access programming, we seek to increase and improve the opportunities available to individual Mississippians—regardless of race—by providing them with the information and resources necessary to connect them to higher education and family-sustaining employment. Through advocacy and relationship building, we seek to lift up the voices of those we know have the greatest need in order to inform and influence decision-makers about the importance of aligning Mississippi’s policies and practices with the current and future workforce needs of the state.

As we move forward from a global pandemic, we believe—more than ever—that increasing access to postsecondary degree and certificate attainment is at the heart of elevating the lives of individuals, communities, and the State of Mississippi.

Jim McHale, President and CEO


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Posted by Lisa Potts at 20:43